Publications & Press—Haiku Journals

I became a bona fide published haiku poet in 2015—a terrific feeling!  To see your name printed in a journal “in your field” is affirming and motivating.  Publishing a piece of work, even one as tiny as a haiku, also sets a new bar for you—a new challenge.  A little voice in the back of your mind wonders, “Can I do it again?”

Two of my haiku submissions were selected for publication in a pair of well-respected haiku journals:  Acorn, and The Heron’s Nest.  A third appears in A Splash of Water, the Haiku Society of America Members’ Anthology 2015.  While I mostly write “traditional” 17-syllable haiku for my Paris Haiku blog, I write shorter, “modern” haiku, too—a style of haiku practiced and appreciated by most haiku poets published in the contemporary journals.  I love both styles and enjoy the challenges of writing each!

arrivals gate

all faces the same

until yours

   (Acorn: a Journal of Contemporary Haiku, No. 35, Fall 2015, page 22)


first crocus

last Christmas napkin

under my mug of tea

        (The Heron’s Nest, Vol. XVII, No. 4, December 2015, page 2; online here. )


shushed by crashing waves

the shouts of children

hunting moonlit crabs

(A Splash of Water: Haiku Society of America Members’ Anthology 2015 (New York: Haiku Society of America, October 2015), page 53)


Haiku Contests

In December 2014, I entered a winter-themed haiku contest in which two of my submissions were honored with “Runners Up” status and were printed and displayed in flower boxes along the sidewalks in Washington, DC’s “Golden Triangle” business district, near The Capitol building.  Sixty of the 400 contest entries were selected for printing and display, so being among the top 15% of the submissions was a wonderful feeling!

The contest was co-sponsored by the Golden Triangle BID and the Japan Information and Culture Center (JICC), both in DC, and judged by a pair of published haiku poets.  Here are photos of my haiku as displayed in the DC flower boxes in January 2015:

 Golden Triangle haiku2 dark bark

 (Photo courtesy of Eric Hian-Cheong; )


Golden Triangle haiku photo

(Photo pulled from a Golden Triangle BID emailed newsletter)


Publications & Press—Miscellaneous

I am honored to have been mentioned, or had my haiku included, in some fine Paris newsletters, bulletins, Facebook pages, and an online magazine.

“Paris Haiku” has been sited by or featured in:

*  Tom Reeves’ “Paris Panorama” newsletter, monthly, since February 2014.

*  “AAWE News,” March/April 2014, pgs 26-27; Jane Mobille, editor.

*  Heather Stimmler-Hall’s “Secrets of Paris” newsletter, #141, May 20, 2014.  Heather wrote of my Paris Haiku:  “Haiku is very addictive, especially when paired with gorgeous photos of Paris.”   Facebook link

*  Karen Kane’s “What’s New in Paris” newsletter, July 2014.  Karen said of Paris Haiku, “But fortunately, Anna Eklund-Cheong continues to distill the city’s wonders down to 17 syllables.”

*  “Romantic Paris Magazine,” August/September 2014 issue, pgs 26-33; Krystal Kenney, editor.

(Thank you Tom, Jane, Heather, Karen and Krystal!)


Haiku in the News:

*  Roger Angell of “The New Yorker” writes haiku about his dog, Andy.

*  An algorithm captures accidental or serendipitous haiku from the text of “The New York Times:”

*  Over a thousand haiku (selected from 12,530 valid entries by 39,100 votes) headed to Mars aboard NASA’s MAVEN spacecraft in 2013, or this link.

*  And, here they are:

*  NPR and Twitter understand haiku, too!

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